Large Enterprises that expand and grow constantly over time, may find it difficult to keep track of documentations, projects or even employees. These information maybe be stored in databases which span across entire networks of offices and departments.

RapidSEARCH is an extensive search system that provides the means to search both structured and unstructured data sources with a single query. It addresses the needs of an organization to store, retrieve and track digital information of all kinds. Data sources include information stored in many different storage such as application databases, content management systems, file systems, intranet sites and external websites.

The results ranked in a way which is easily accessible and identifiable. Results can be categorized or filtered to let users discover patterns, conceptual matches and other relationships, you can also link related pieces of information at virtually any level of granularity.

A collection consists of data collected by ‘Crawlers’ which gathers and collects data from documents and files. These data would then be analyzed and indexed, which would then be categorized and ready for retrieval whenever you need them.

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Features and Functions

Figure 1: RapidSEARCH

Benefits of RapidSEARCH

  • Making your corporate information more accessible.
  • Reducing the time it takes to locate information.
  • Helps you search across multiple massive databases with results on a single page as an organized list.
  • Supports both structured and unstructured data.