You can now have your brand appearing on the first page of search engines. With RapidSEM, we assist enterprises to generate immediate traffic by constructing the most relevant advertisements for your targeted market.


RapidSEM: Growing Your Business With Measurable Results

Search engines have rapidly replaced telephone listings as the most important means for consumers and potential clients to find sources of products, services and facilities. With the growing convenience of smart phones, tablets and the fact mobile devices have undeniably gained ground with the modern person and fast becoming the preferred gadget for people today; more and more people are accessing the web before making decisions on either buying online or offline. This, in turn, contributes to the growing influence of online digital marketing strategies and search engine marketing (SEM).

What is RapidSEM and How Can RapidSEM Help You and Your Business?

RapidSEM is one of RapidCloud’s core services. It is a form of Online Marketing that involves the promotion of your site by increasing visibility through directory listings. Capitalizing on the recent upsurge of consumers utilising search as primary way in finding businesses, service providers and facilities of choice before making decisions and actual purchases, search engine marketing has come to lead marketing trends and innovations.

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4 Advantages of RapidSEM

Key advantages of RapidSEM over other marketing methods are:
RapidSEM has proven to generate the fastest results for our clients. RapidCloud’s fully customisable search engine marketing campaigns’ consist of the following professional services:
  • Setting-up an account with Google AdWords for you
  • Cutting-edge creative designs and carefully planned ad copy with specialised keyword selection
  • Efficient budget management for your search engine marketing campaign
  • Professional in-depth reporting and monitoring of your campaign
  • Well-thought short, medium and long term plans and strategies for your business

On top of the above-mentioned professional services in setting-up your search engine marketing campaign, RapidCloud’s RapidSEM team will continuously provide you with detailed analytics and conversion tracking of your campaign and appraise you of progress by regularly reporting and thru complete access to business intelligence reports.

Differences between SEM & SEO

Search Results Page Advertising / Sponsored Ads Natural / OrganicListing Type result of a search engine
Listing Cost Paid Free
Traffic Results Immediate Traffic Results
Properly managed PPC advertising provides immediate traffic results
Several Months
Requires time, usually months to climb the search ranking