Facebook Marketing Services in Malaysia


There are more than a billion users connected on Facebook. As one of the biggest social media network, Facebook is the efficient platform to enhance your business and get connected with billion users. Facebook Marketing can help you increase your business revenue by engaging you with potential customers through targeted adverts. Expose your brand to a larger online audience and maximize the conversion of customers by Facebook Marketing. It is also budget-friendly which helps you to reduce your marketing expenses. With our proven expertise and methodology, we will help you bring your company ever closer to your customers.

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Why Facebook Marketing

RapidCloud Strategy with Objective,
Types & Locations

Effective Cover Photo Design

Get noticed by presenting the right context and design to make your page stand out. The cover photo will be updated based on relevant or upcoming events of your company. We will help on guiding and advising you the suitable images and design that is in-lined with brand guidelines for consistency, including featured institutions, press release, blogs, etc.

Daily Post

Post may include the news about your type of business, trends, pre event and post event details, achievements and awards, new product and services or anniversaries or other type of celebrations. If the user finds out some interesting post from your page, such as discount or offerings, they will surely click on it and spread the news to other users.

Facebook Sponsored Ads

Allow businesses to create budget-friendly and customizable promotional campaigns that are targeted and specific demographic. Post a targeted ads which could target a specific factors (age,location,etc). The ad post shall be relevant to the product promotedThere will be no payment for un-clicked ads, and any ads for views or campaign.

Facebook Page Optimisation
Community Management (Optional)
Monthly Performance


Facebook Features Start Up
Small Business
No. of Likes 500 1,000 2,000
Custom Tab Creation 1 2 3
Page Setup and Optimization Basic Sections All Sections All Sections, Custom Pages
Facebook Cover Design 2 studies 3 studies Unlimited
Scheduled Posts minimum of 1 post per day x 7 days minimum of 2 posts per day x 7 days minimum of 3 posts per day x 7 days
Content Plan Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes
Budget Management Yes Yes Yes
Post Mirroring (Twitter) Yes Yes Yes
Post Suggestions/Design - Yes Yes
Page Moderation (Spam Deletion and Page Interaction) - Yes Yes
Run & Manage Contest - - Yes
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